Travis Thompson – Ain’t Shit

Travis Thompson - Ain't Shit mp3 download

Travis Thompson – Ain’t Shit mp3 download

Travis Thompson delivers a brand new song titled Ain’t Shit. Building on his recent streak of success, he’s back with an honest, reflective track that shares his thoughts on growing up in Seattle, his old friends, his strained relationship with his family, and how his career has affected his outlook in life.

“Ain’t Shit” can be described simply as a lyrical masterpiece, with complex meaning strung throughout even the first few lines. Thompson is refreshingly honest with himself, and openly addresses his past in his poignant, at times troubling lines. In the later half of the track, his core message swings from his memories growing up back to his present self, and how his recent success affects the other aspects of his life – his family, friends, his home town of Seattle, and his own personal development.

“Ain’t Shit” is produced by Tyler Dopps, who has recently worked on Macklemore’s latest project Gemini, including the hit tracks “Glorious” and “Marmalade”. He and Thompson are no strangers, as Dopps has produced previous tracks by Thompson, such as “Joyride” and “Born In ’96”.

Quotable Lyrics:

“I don’t trip as much no more / This check is good, my bong is packed”, and again he reflects on his upbringing with the last line in the verse: “I seen that vision / Of a young-ass kid from the west side ditch / With a mug like mine, blowing tree / I said, ‘If I ain’t shit, what that make you?’”

Listen to the new song below and cop the tune via your favorite streaming platforms.


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