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BBnaija 2018 Housemates: Cee-c, Nina, Khloe fight dirty over food

Cee-c, Nina, Khloe fight dirty over food

Cee-c, Nina, Khloe fight dirty over food

Three housemates of the Big Brother Naija house, Cece, Nina & Khloe fought dirty today that they almost brought the house down with their voices. Watch for more on this trending topic. Nina saw food opened, she asked who owns it, did not wait for an answer and took a spoon out of it. Cee-C saw it and was like why did she eat out of her food knowing she doesn’t like it. She flaired up and told Nina to eat everything. Nina was like she shouldn’t have left the food opened, if she doesn’t want anyone eating from it. Cee-C tells Nina to just eat everything, Nina said thank you, and did justice to the food.

Cee-C got mad and started shouting. Nina apologised, says she’s sorry. Cee-C then started with insults. She said Nina doesn’t have common sense, Nina replied saying if it’s your food that’ll give me the sense, I’ll eat it. Cee-C proceeded to call her a dustbin and also repeated the you’re not in my level (remember she denied always saying that, when Ebuka asked her).

The insults and shouts was getting too much. Khloe came in and asked what happened. Nina explained, Alex too because she was there. Khloe said sorry on her behalf and Nina said she told her sorry already too but Cee-C was still pained. Cee-C kept on raining insults at Nina. Koko got angry and said haba Cee-C the insults are too much,then tables turned around 😂😂😂.

Koko and Cee-C

Cee-C referred to Khloe as someone while explaining to Rico what happened, Khloe was like she should call her name and not use someone. That was how quarrel began again. Koko said, Cee-C says someone is dustbin but she’s closer to the ground. Cee-C says Koko is a fool. Khloe says when Cee-C walks out that door, she needs help and psychiatrist evaluation.

Anto told Khloe that how can you be arguing with someone that is mentally unstable. Then they shook each other’s hand like 5 times 😂😂wicked girls (My Melanin twins).

Biggie had to end it all by saying HMs, freeze

Cee-C sister made a post on IG saying in as much Cee-C is her sister, it wasn’t necessary.

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