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Soulja Boy – Bands Up

Soulja Boy - Bands Up mp3 download

Soulja Boy – Bands Up mp3 download

Soulja Boy releases a brand new single titled Bands Up. The song was released via his SoundCloud page. The song is a follow up to his last song Froze.

The last time we heard Soulja boy was on Gaudy’s On Me track. Gaudy has this to say about the song.

“We recorded the track at my studio in Vegas, it’s another song in the bag. Realistically that’s my nigga – we got plenty of songs but really the song is about me not waiting on nobody for any situation,” So Gaudy said. “I’m trying to work so I’m not waiting for anybody to get what I need done. Mu’fuckas that wanna ride the wave and get shit done they gonna ride with me, the ones that just wanna be lazy and make me wait for the shit aren’t in my best interest.”

Listen to Soulja’s new song Bands Up below;


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