AKA – Touch My Blood (Album)

AKA - Touch My Blood Album download

AKA – Touch My Blood Album download

South African hip hop music star AKA gives fans new music in the form of a new album titled Touch My Blood.

Rapper AKA on instagram previewed his forthcoming studio album “Touch My Blood” and a lot of fans appear to be pleased with what they heard.

Using Twitter fans have proclaim the album will definitely be the best album this year. While AKA agrees with the claim, he has revealed that the album may be his last studio album.

Fans have since reacted in shock following the big news from AKA and some have said they may even lead the biggest protest against a musician in South African history.

AKA was mocked for his heartbreak and the rapper’s split from Bonang once again became a topic of conversation on his page after he posted a lyric from Kanye West about drinking away your pain.

While posting heartfelt and relatable lyrics is often a vital part of healing from a heartbreak, fans were not having any of it. Besides weighing in with their thoughts on the message, they also advised AKA to move on.


The plan was to drink until the pain over, but what’s worse? The pain or the hangover?

With this new album, we expect a shift of focus from his personal life to his music.


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