Ugly gOd ft. PNB Rock – Imma Dog

Ugly gOd ft. PNB Rock - Imma Dog mp3 download

Ugly gOd ft. PNB Rock – Imma Dog mp3 download

Ugly God releases a PnB Rock-assisted song called “Imma Dog.” The Rapper continues to create hype for his upcoming Bumps & Bruises album.

The Philadelphia crooner sings about wanting a woman to keep loving him even though he creeps around with other girls at the same time.

“Say you love me, shawty, tell me why,” Rock serenades. “‘Cause I’m a dog and I’ma probably be this way until I die/You say you always gon’ be by my side/You say you trust me with your heart and I swear, I just wonder why.”

Ugly God, a 2017 XXL Freshman, hops on to spit some hilarious bars for the verses, which incorporates God praising his leading lady, but letting her know that she is signing up to deal with a player who won’t be monogamous.

“You the shit, you can do so better/But I’m a dog, you should have known better,’ God rhymes. “Like why the fuck you love me? Huh/I be gone for weeks, why the fuck you trust me, huh/I sneak out while you sleep, why the fuck you cuff me, huh/Like what the fuck you think, you act like a dummy, huh.”

Although he said that he wanted to stray away from funnier content last year, it looks like Ugly God is still sticking to some of his signature roots.

Listen to “Imma Dog” below or download a copy on iTunes now.


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