Pablo Escobar’s Girlfriend Sues Netflix Over Series

Pablo Escobar's Girlfriend Sues Netflix Over Series

Netflix Sued by Pablo Escobar’s girlfriend over new series

Netflix remains the go-to platform for Television shows and movies and the entertainment company carrying a series that is being sued over by the girlfriend of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The News according to TMZ is that Virginia Vallejo has slapped Caracol American Productions with a suit over the series, Pablo Escobar: El Patron del Mal, claiming that producers lifted specific story details from her 2007 memoir. Translated, the title of that book reads: “Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar.”

Vallejo, who herself is a former journalist, admits that she had been in contact with Caracol and was in the process of striking a deal with them in order for her work to be used in the series but, as she tells it that never came to fruition. The lawsuit details that Caracol, who never finalized any deal with her, went ahead and used material from her book without having expressed consent from the author.

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Despite the fact that producers on El Patron del Mal changed the name of the character that is at least loosely based on her, Vallejo says that can’t cover up for the blatant rip-offs they presided over. In fact, she says that the character name – Regina Parejo – even rhymes with Virginia Vallejo. Caracol was contacted for comment by TMZ, but so far there’s no word from the production company or anyone else involved with the show.

Check out a clip of the series below.

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