Download MP3: Lil Peep ft Marshmello – Spotlight

Lil Peep ft Marshmello - Spotlight mp3 download

Lil Peep ft Marshmello – Spotlight mp3 download

Lil Peep’s death was a shock and a sad one to many and DJ Marshmello was one of many who were deeply touched by the news. Both artists drop a new song titled Spotlight.

The surprise announcement of the untitled song, which will be accompanied by a video according to a Peep spokesperson, came just hours after the MC’s mother, Liza Womack, oversaw the release of the bittersweet video for Peep’s “Save That Shit.”

At press time no other information was available on the new track, though the spokesperson said the pair began working on it before the rapper (born Gustav Ahr) died at age 21 in November, of what the coroner determined was a deadly combination of the opioid fentanyl and the anti-anxiety medication Xanax; Marshmello completed work on the song following Peep’s death.

DJ marshmello worked an emotional tribute into his set at the GoldRush Festival in Arizona, mixing in the late rapper’s “Beamer Boy” into his set, as a large image of Peep reading “RIP” covered the giant LED screen behind him.

Listen below.


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