Cardi B And Offset Both Have Sex Tape Issues [Details]

Cardi B And Offset Both Have Sex Tape Issues
Cardi B And Offset Both Have Sex Tape Issues

Offset’s iCloud was hacked this holiday weekend and it contained a video of a naked lady in his hotel room that wasn’t Cardi B, The tape is from September, which is a month before Cardi and Offset got engaged but a couple of months after they started dating. (You can check the tape here, NSFW.) Apparently, Cardi knew about the incident. She told Famelous that it’s in the past and all good now.

Speaking of “in the past”, The New York Post reports that we may be getting an old-but-unseen Cardi B sex tape soon. A preview of the tape has surfaced. (You can check it here, also NSFW.)

Cardi usually isn’t one to not speak her mind and her most recent social media actions may at least prove she’s not all the way happy with Offset.
When Cardi was on Love and Hip Hop. If you recall, she was a ride or die girlfriend for her then-incarcerated boyfriend named Tommy.

After the two split she started seeing Offset, who she is now engaged to, but now, Tommy is out of prison and is back into rapping and performing. Perhaps her anger over the Offset’s alleged misdeads are causing her second thoughts because just after the news broke, Cardi posted a message reading “I still think about you.”
Not only that, she started following Tommy on Instagram right after posting the message. Coincidence?
It’s unclear whether Tommy still feels the same way about the “Bodak Yellow” rapper. After it became public that Cardi and Offset got engaged, Tommy reportedly told his fans he “didn’t care” that she was getting married to him and to “leave him alone” about it.
Seems like things are about to get dicey.

That’s a lot of stuff swirling around, and now Twitter is worried about the future of Offset and Cardi.

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