Mobile Phone Giants Apple Sued Over iPhone Speed Issues In Older Models

Mobile Phone Giants Apple Sued Over iPhone Speed Issues In Older ModelsIf you are an Apple IPhone user, this is something you must have wondered: every time a new model of smartphone is released by the company, all previous models suddenly take a hit when it comes to speed and, consequently, performance. Whether rooted in iOS updates or degradation of the internal hardware components, several iPhone users have had enough and, according to TMZ, are taking legal action as a result.

he lawsuit has supposedly been filed by Stefan Bogdanovich, a Los Angeles man who is claiming that Apple’s tactic of slowing down older iPhone models is making the lives of users who aren’t willing to shell out the kind of cash needed for the newest devices difficult. Bogdanovich has gone on record in the paperwork as saying that the company’s method of slowing performance in older phone models in order to converse battery life was never something that users ever had a say in or agreed upon in any way. He wants to bring the issue to the fore legally on behalf of all of his fellow iPhone users who are disgruntled about the same problems.

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Then, there’s the moneymaking ploy that’s at work here. Bogdanovich asserts that the slowdowns are generally just a ploy to get smartphone users to upgrade their devices, therefore allowing Apple to rake in that much more cash as a result. Coupled with the fact that products like the iPhone X aren’t making having the best possible device any cheaper, the proposition of owning an iPhone is becoming an increasingly dicey one, according to him.

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