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T.I. Still Supports Keaton Jones After Racism Flap

T.I. Still Supports Keaton Jones After Racism Flap

T.I. Still Supports Keaton Jones After Racism Flap

I am sure by now you already Know of Keaton Jones. He’s the little boy who said he was bullied at school in a video that went viral. All kinds of celebs rallied around him on social media, including Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and others.

After Keaton received that support, his mom Kimberly was seen with a Confederate flag and was accused of being a racist. (She said the photos were supposed to be a joke.)  On top of that, it seems like Kimberly was trying to use the crowdfunding money that was set up for Keaton on herself. The campaign has been halted as a result.

But on Instagram, T.I.  said that he still supports the little boy, regardless of what his mother has been accused of.

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Ok… So it seems as though we were somewhat mislead by what we saw yesterday in regards to Keaton. Now while I still stand by initial standpoint whole heartedly,I also believe in the laws of karma & reciprocity. I've always heard "What make ya laugh'll make ya cry." I'm thinkin this is a true example of that. But I STILL support Lil dude… even IF he's truly being given a taste of his own meds because when it's all said & done… while his family is spewing hatred around him… he himself will be able to speak from experience how much LOVE was shown to him on the gram by the very ones he's been taught to DISPISE!!! That's how we unlearn racism. THAT DONT MEAN GO DONATE NO MONEY THO!!!! I'm completely against ALL THAT🙅🏽‍♂️!!!!✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿

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