Joyner Lucas Slams Future & Lil Wayne For Drugs

Joyner Lucas Slams Future & Lil Wayne For Drugs

Joyner Lucas Slams Future & Lil Wayne For Drugs

Joyner Lucas’ “I’m Not A Racist” video has gone super viral and then got digital ink for his attacks on Logic and Lil Pump.

Lucas now says he wasn’t dissing Pump when he remixed his hit “Gucci Gang.” But in a Hot 97 interview, he concedes that he is bothered by the way Pump promotes drug use. As he made his anti-drug argument, he used Future and Lil Wayne as examples.

“I’ve never been into artists promoting drugs,” he told Ebro.

“When you say those things, you telling the listener to go do the shit. At the end of the day, I don’t promote any artist, I don’t care who the fuck…Wayne…it don’t matter who you are. Anytime I hear an artist promoting drugs…not even Future with ‘Percocet, molly, Percocet,’ I don’t like that shit.”

He went on to say that when he remixed Future’s “Mask Off”, he made sure to make it clear that he doesn’t do Perocet and Molly.

Lucas added that he has a lot of respect for Future as an artist. But, nonetheless, he doesn’t care if Future reacts negatively to his criticism of him. In fact, it sounds like Lucas wouldn’t work with Future if he had the chance.

If I’m on a record with a nigga and the nigga sitting there, like, doing that shit, then I’ll take myself off the song,” he explained.

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