Movie Alert: Kanye West & Damon Dash (Honor Up) out in February

Honor Up (Movie Trailer)

The first trailer for the movie came out back in 2015 with the title Too Honorable but it has now been switched to Honor Up. Above is the official poster. The movie is directed by Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash while former Roc artist Kanye West is in the executive producer role.

It stars Cam’ron, Stacey Dash and Damon Dash with additional star cast including Murda Mook, Styles P, Smoke DZA and more.

Damon Dash revealed the poster via Instagram  for the very Quentin Tarantino-is looking movie and mentioned February as the release date and month, although the exact date is not known yet. Stay tuned for more information. Dame told L.A. Confidential a few months ago: “Kanye is executive producer of a movie I directed called Honor Up. It’s a role reversal for both Kanye and me. Before, I was the administrative guy and he was the creative. Now, I am enjoying being the creative and being showcased from my point of view.

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Hopefully, Kanye and everyone that trusts Kanye’s opinion will trust his cosign because if he’s cosigning me as a director then the rest of the world should follow. I cosigned him as a producer and rapper and the rest of the world followed. I appreciate that and that was the purpose of making the people I work with powerful to help mejust like I helped them.”

Watch the full trailer below.

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