Davido, Rihanna, Pharrell & More Speak Out On Libya Slave Trade

Davido, Rihanna, Pharrell & More Speak Out On Libya Slave Trade
Davido, Rihanna, Pharrell & More Speak Out On Libya Slave Trade
Ever since CNN posted a video exposing the Libya slave trade after journalists wore undercover cameras to see the horrific act of men in black masks selling African men for as little as $400 to bidders, music artists around the world have used their platforms for awareness. 

Tragic photos went viral on the web, showing victims who left Libya for a better life to venture over the sea to Europe but end up in the hands of other humans looking to get money by selling them to others to conduct farm work. 


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wake up world!!! we need to make NOISE!!! #RIHpost

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Peep The Date! Please don’t post up pictures regarding the Libyan Slavery issue that are not DIRECTLY relevant to the case. Your empowering people like Trump and giving them an excuse to dismiss the issue by using inaccurate images in your memes and posts. This picture is of a suspected Pro Gaddifi Collaborator being interrogated in and around 2011 NOT someone being kidnapped into slavery in 2017…While the story talks of racist oppression in the wake of the overthrow by rebel forces and is relative to the issue make sure to note the difference and separate it out so that proper focus and response can occur to solve ALL THE ISSUES. Don’t run the risk of mixing them all together and solving none. let’s not shoot our selves in the foot for the sake of shock value. RESEARCH YOU POSTS AND IMAGES. DONT PASS ALONG UNVERIFIED NARRATIVES! #SuperFactsOnly #Libya #NoPersonASlave

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