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Drake Calls For Meek Mill’s Freedom At Show In Australia

Drake Calls For Meek Mill’s At Show In Australia

Drake Calls For Meek Mill’s At Show In Australia

With all the drama surrounding Meek Mill’s prison sentencing and his fight for freedom, there is a lot more to tell and with the news of Drake calling out for Meek’s Freedom, we have to wonder if the beef has been squashed,

According to a video posted by Drake fan page Word On Road. In the clip, which is said to be from his show in Melbourne Saturday, Drake can be heard commenting on the clothing of his fans, a tradition he’s kept up since at least 2013. Eventually, he sees a fan wearing a Free Meek Mill shirt, presumably the OVO-designed shirt that was made during Meek’s incarceration in 2014. “I see you got the Free Meek Mill shirt,” he said. “Free Meek Mill too, for real. You right.”

Drake and Meek Mill’s issues began when Meek publicly called Drake out for not writing his own rhymes. The call-out was in reference to their collaborative track “Rico,” which was co-written by Quentin Miller, a rapper who cowrote multiple songs on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

Drake and Meek eventually exchanged diss tracks, including Drake’s “Back To Back,” which became a very popular song. Earlier this year, Meek revealed he still listens to the diss track as motivation. Since their issues flared up, the two have not publicly made amends.

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