Blackface Blasts 2Baba “Holy Holy song makes no sense…Poor Production”


 Nigerian singer-songwriter, Blackface has revealed that 2Baba’s Holy Holy makes little or no sense as almost every aspect of the song is poor, from production to lyrical content.

This revelation was made during his appearance at the Pulse’s Loose Talk Podcast where he gave details of their journey and how they drifted apart from the talented trio to solo artistes.

According to him, Holy Holy is not a good song, it makes no sense with poor production. It is accusatory and not well directed to its subject. Blackface questions the recipient of the message in ‘Holy Holy‘, stating that an artiste should be clear about who he is accusing because 2Baba is either talking to his fans, which shouldn’t be so or he is talking to the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. To Blackface, the poor level of the song is why he feels offended when people dare him to claim the song as his because he sees it as an insult for people to believe he can write such a song.

The singer went further to state that Holy Holy has a coded message directed at the Plantashun Boiz, especially with 2Baba using the 200 Benz Plantashun Boiz had used in their first video, stating that the torns in the Benz and finally burning the Benz in Holy Holy is 2Baba’s way of trying to erase the existence of Plantashun Boiz… Now that is really deep!

To BlackFace, 2Baba is the one filled with jealousy and he advises that they should get their minds off the bitterness but he did not forget to mention that the Plantashun dream is still on as he hoped and still hopes to create another Plantashun Boiz called The New Plantashun Boiz.

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