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Pusha T finally drops hogs new album, King Push.

Pusha T gives us here with his much anticipated album called King PUsh. It’s been 2 years of anticipation and a big wait for Pusha T’s King Push album ever since he dropped off The Prelude: Darkest Before Dawn at the end of 2015 but there is good news for all Pusha Fans.

During this weekend’s Complexcon event in California, Pusha T decided to chop it up with Billboard about his new shoe release with Adidas, and in the process he revealed some insight about his upcoming album King Push. Pusha T said that King Push will be dropping early 2018, and feature a lot of production from Kanye West, with other guest appearances set to make cameos as well. He also added that he’s currently working on the album’s last song, saying it’s almost finished.

“I’m actually finishing it up. I’m probably working on my last song. I’m probably waiting on my last couple of features. It’s going to be album of the year in 2018.” he said. “Heavy raps, production by Kanye West from top to bottom. I’ve been in this for a long time, and one thing about me is it just has to be right.”

“I’ve been doing a whole lot of other things, and it just needed focused time. And then on top of that, when Kanye comes in, first of all, he A&R’s my album all the time. He will pick all of my beats. I’ll rap to all of the beats, song’s done. Then, he will listen to it and say, “Hey, I can do all of these beats better. It is Kanye West, and he’s probably the greatest producer of all time. So if he’s willing to take all of that time, then I can take my time. I think that’s my biggest accomplishment of being in the game this long is having the luxury to take your time.”

Pusha T first announced his presence to the mainstream rap world on Clipse’s Lord Willin’ single, “Grindin,” an icy Neptunes-produced cut that immediately established the duo of Pusha and his brother Malice—now known as No Malice— as a force to be reckoned with. “I’m yo pusha,” he said at the time. Since then, he’s become much more.
Check out Pusha T’s XXL full Fall 2017 interview video below 

Pusha T – King Push

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