Slimmy B (SOB x RBE) – Problem Child (Mixtape)

Slimmy B (SOB x RBE) – Problem Child (Mixtape)
Slimmy B (SOB x RBE) – Problem Child (Mixtape)
Slimmy B (SOB x RBE) – Problem Child (Mixtape)
Slimmy B (SOB x RBE) – Problem Child (Mixtape)


Slimmy B has released his solo project, Problem Child. The 16-track mixtape is filled with bouncy beats, deep cuts and Slimmy B quoting classics like “if you scared go to church” on tracks like “Go To Work.”

The release features notable collaborations from Yhung T.O (fellow SOB x RBE member), Lil Yee, Mozzy, as well as producers M.A. Da Pilot, Lil Rece and Macz Muzik.

Before this project was released Slimmy teased us with the video treatment for the track “Opp Shit” that sees him stuntin’ outside a movie theatre rapping about how he came in the game broke but he’s gone “leave rich.”

At the end of the summer, Slimmy B linked up with Nef The Pharoah on the track “Bling Blaow” that also saw a video drop. The video that will leave you blinded by all the gold chains sees Slimmy throw down raps like “Why your bottom bitch got a nigga a neck froze?/ Diamonds changin’ colours like a gecko Bling-Blaow B.B.S. make my chest go.”

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Problem Child Tracklist

1. “Skit 1: Welcome to Problem Child”
2. “Opp S**t” (prod. by House of Jamz)
3. “Go to Work” (prod. by Macz Muzik)
4. “K.O.” Feat. M.A. Da Pilot (prod. by Macz Muzik)
5. “Pop Out”
6. “Skit 2″
7. “Take Sum”
8. “Been Thru” Feat. Mozzy & Lil Yee (prod. by Macz Muzik)
9. “Wit Me”
10. “Don’t Lie to Me” (prod. by M.A. Da Pilot)
11. “Skit 3″
12. “My Side” (prod. by M.A. Da Pilot)
13. “I Know” Feat. Yhung T.O & Mistah F.A.B. (prod. by Remedy)
14. “Yo Body” Feat. M.A. Da Pilot (prod. by M.A. Da Pilot)
15. “Bout Business” (prod. by Lil Rece)
16. “Skit 4: End”


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