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Tove Lo’s last album was Lady Wood, and now she’s announcing plans to follow it up with a whole new LP called Blue Lips (Lady Wood Phase II). She released a single off the upcoming album titled Disco Tits, Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II].

The Swedish singer is preparing to release her third album ‘Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II]’ later this year. It follows on from 2014’s ‘Queen of the Clouds’ and last year’s ‘Lady Wood’. ‘Disco Tits’ sees the star team up with longtime production team The Struts. The singer says of the track: “”Disco Tits is about losing yourself with your new found love. Naive, excited, no consequences. The happiness in the haze I’m feelin’ right now.”

Tove Lo spoke to NME for an exclusive interview last year. In it, she said she wants to challenge the way that the world thinks about female nudity.

“It’s not that important,” she told NME. “We put so much pressure and emphasis on looks. People think it’s what they should be focusing on, but it’s really not. It’s OK not to be beautiful!”

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She added: “In the media, whenever you see a naked woman it’s always sexualised, or to please someone else’s eyes. I want to get to a place where women can be naked the same way that men can – funny naked or naked just to be naked.”

Tove Lo is rolling out BLUE LIPS [Lady Wood Phase II]on November 17. The Swede revealed the cover art and tracklist earlier today and it’s as fucks-free as you would expect. The artwork is a close-up of a woman’s butt, while the album contains tracks like “Bitches” and “Hey You Got Drugs?” If you couldn’t tell from the title, BLUE LIPS is a companion album or sequel to 2016’s Lady Wood. And like that album, it is separated into two halves — Light Beams and Pitch Black.

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The first half contains the brilliantly-titled lead single “Disco Tits,” which boasts one of the best videos of the year. (You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Tove make out with a puppet). Other interesting song titles include “Shivering Gold,” “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” “Struggle” and “Bad Days.” There’s also a collaboration with Daye called “Romantics.” Check out the cover and tracklist below.

BLUE LIPS tracklist:

Light Beams

1. disco tits

2. shedontknowbutsheknows

3. shivering gold

4. dont ask dont tell

5. stranger

6. bitches

Pitch Black

1. romantics (featuring daye)

2. cycles

3. struggle

4. 9th of october

5. bad days

6. hey you got drugs?

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BLUE LIPS [lady wood phase II] will be out nov 17. can't wait to share with you.

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Tove Lo – Blue Lips (Lady Wood Phase II)

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