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Alice Glass – Without Love

Download Alice Glass – Without Love MP3

Alice Glass – Without Love MP3 download

Canada’s Alice Glass releases a new single. Listen to “Without Love,” written by Glass with additional writing and production by HEALTH’s Jupiter Keyes. The new single, released by Loma Vista, follows her 2015 single “Stillbirth.”

Earlier this year, she discussed her new music in an interview: “Some songs sound more like being eaten by fire ants and some songs are like being slowly consumed by a snake,” she said. She also noted that the most surprising thing about the album was “that you can hear my voice clearly.” Glass departed Crystal Castles in October of 2014. In 2015, she traded barbs with co-founder Ethan Kath upon the release of Crystal Castles’ Glass-less song “Frail.”

Listen below

Download Alice Glass – Without Love (MP3)

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