Video: Youngstacpt – Takkies 

Video: Youngstacpt - Takkies
Video: Youngstacpt – Takkies

Youngsta’s latest music video for his track Takkies is finally out, an entire movie. Kaapstad reminisces on his childhood when all he ever wanted were a pair of fly kicks but couldn’t because funds didn’t allow. 

We see the subject of the video walking the streets, plastic bag in hand with a new pair of sneakers and is then chased down by hood guys all before they catch up and forcefully snatch the kicks from him, a representation of the line, “Boys in the hood they saw me with it so they broke in my house and stole it, it’s all for the takkies.”

Very cinematic, a cool display of street style. I love how Youngsta gives us a timeline of his life as a sneaker head, we also get cameos from local sneaker heads like Mkay and Marc Mac. 

Peep the visuals below 


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