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Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever

Video: Skrillex & Poo Bear - Would You Ever

Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever mp3 download

Now Poo Bear helped write Justin Bieber’s smashe hits such as “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do You Mean?” He also co-wrote Usher’s “Caught Up,” so he’s been around and links up with Skrillex for this new tune Would You Ever. 

He very likely met Skrillex during those recent Bieber sessions, and we all know Skrill enjoys a good collaboration. It seems he got in the studio with Poo Bear for some one-on-one time, and the result is a track called “Would You Ever,” and the super-fun music video just dropped.

“Would You Ever” is catchy and upbeat with a funky, chopped up vocal hook. Poo Bear’s voice is deep and rich, a cool take on the traditional soulful house sound. We hope we hear him take the spotlight more from now on. The video features a shirtless skateboarder absolutely getting it as he coasts down a California street. Skrillex and Poo Bear make an appearance around the 2:18 mark. The whole thing radiates with sunshine and smiles, adding to the song’s infectious feel-good wave.
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