New Music: OWO – With You

Download MP3: OWO – With You
OWO – With You mp3 download
Tracee Atanda-Owo, known by her surname, OWO, aims to perpetuate spirit. Growing up on the outskirts of Washington, DC has layered OWO’s musical palette.

The singer/songwriter born to Nigerian parents, with roots in the Bahia Region of Brazil, recently released her debut EP ‘D+Em: drums and emotions‘ and played to a full crowd at Soho House New York for the release party.

The music is exotic, yet familiar. True to her own artistry, OWO channels the spirits past and future, in northern and southern hemispheres. With her live performances, OWO masters the responsibility of a true entertainer delivering moving sounds and beautiful visuals. As the temptress leader of any stage she steps foot on, OWO’s sound drives the crowd forward with overflowing horns, synths, and vocals laid over drum and bass. Her style is a blend of African dance rhythms, electronic vibes, R&B harmonies and 70s big rock vocals; as is noticeable in her ability to captivate diverse audiences.

Listen to With You below


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