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Download MP3: Jaden Smith – Watch Me

Download MP3: Jaden Smith – Watch Me

Jaden Smith – Watch Me mp3 download

Jaden Smith – Watch Me

Jaden Smith releases his own version of the Yeezus hit and it bangs just as hard. He’s been hard at work on his album Syre and today we get another taste of it from the young Bruce Wayne himself. Jaden continues to develop his artistry and voice as he pushes forward with his hip-hop career. Syre is bound to be an intriguing look into the young artists who’s dabbled in many different fields including fashion and acting.

Jaden Smith made quite the impression at the Met Gala last night. Now, he’s getting ready to make one in music Toronto right now and then I also have a single called ‘Batman’ coming out shortly after Met Gala and then another single called ‘Watch Me’ with videos,” he said. “Then, my album [Syre] will be coming soon after that.” Smith’s love for Batman is no secret. The 18-year-old has dressed up as the superhero on several occasions, including his high school prom and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding.

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Download Jaden Smith – Watch Me (MP3)

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