Download MP3: Chief Keef – Grab A Star

Chief Keef – Grab A Star mp3 download
Chief Keef – Grab A Star mp3 download

Chief Keef has released his atest mixtape Thot Breaker and with it comes a bit of a new artistic direction for the rapper. Once upon a time, Sosa’s beats were once hard and sinister. Now, they’re light, melodic, and even breezy at times. Keef slides over the tape with some new flows, seeming more approachable than ever as he spits his game.


On “Grab A Star” Keef gets melodic over an atmospheric, major key beat , diving into new musical territory and pining for something great. There’s a hilarious juxtaposition at work, between Keef’s crude lyrics and soothing, singsong flow. It’s interesting to see such a vulnerable side to the rapper who burst onto the scene with “Don’t Like” & “Love Sosa.”

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Download Chief Keef – Grab A Star (MP3)

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