G-Rize - Tumba

MUSIC: G-Rize – Tumba @stargrize

G-Rize - Tumba
G-Rize – Tumba
Afro-Centric Liberian star, Augustus Cole JR, commonly known by his extensive fan base as “G-Rize,” is originally from Liberia, West Africa. He currently resides in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. While living in Liberia, specifically at the age of seven, G-Rize embraced the notion of realizing that music wasn’t just a part of his culture, but rather a driving force in his life.
This driving force propelled him significantly as he soon began his journey as an artist. In 2003, he migrated to the United States of America in hopes of a brighter future as well as to pursue his musical career. It was soon after migrating, that he earned the stage name “G-Rize.”
G-Rize’s dedication, hard work, and passion for music has brought him to record numerous songs. Not only that, but he has performed on numerous stages throughout the United States!
Some of these places include his four time performance at the Liberian Entertainment Awards and his memorable performance at Panama City during spring break.



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