Video: Tinashe – Flame


Video: Tinashe – Flame
Video: Tinashe – Flame

R&B music star Tinashe tells a story about a sweet love that was lost way before she was ready for it to end in her newly released visual for her just released song Flame

There are shots of Tinashe and her boo sharing a home filled with loving memories, including breakfast in bed, relaxing days by the pool, and laughs shared doing simple things like brushing their teeth and taking selfies. 

Then, almost without warning, the 24-year-old goes full on Angela Bassett from Waiting to Exhale and sets fire to the house that held so many happy memories. Tinashe uses the visual to create a stark contrast between the hope of rekindling the flame that she’s singing about in the song and the reality of what it feels like when a lover stops loving you back.
If he can’t love her anymore, then everything’s going down in flames!

Watch the heated visuals below 

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