Mell Hardy debuts  mixtape ‘Hustle From The Heart’ (Featuring production from Zaytoven & 808 Mafia)

Mell Hardy debuts  mixtape 'Hustle From The Heart'  (Featuring production from Zaytoven & 808 Mafia)

Mell Hardy debuts mixtape ‘Hustle From The Heart’ (Featuring production from Zaytoven & 808 Mafia)

Ramel Hardy, also known as Mell Hardy is an up and coming Rapper, residing in Baltimore, Maryland. Born in New York in 1988, Mell has long had a passion for Rap Music. 

While growing up, he found inspiration from his mother. Her love and dedication would eventually be applied to his Rap career. Working two jobs, and at the same time attending school, Mell’s mother instilled in her son the value of hard work. As he got older, his passion for music grew and so did his work ethic. At the start of his career, Mell’s brother Rashaun Will played a major role helping his brother get into the industry. Forever grateful, Mell will always look up to him.

Mell started his career in 2006 by performing at the clubs, 5 Seasons and Club Dubai, in Baltimore. Recently, he released his first project titled, Hustle From The Heart. The LP features production from major producers such as Zaytoven and many others. Everyday Mell works tirelessly to bring success to not only himself, but to his family as well. He uses his love for Music and Rap to live his dreams and help those who have helped him. As his own motto says; “If u don’t love something, don’t do it. You gotta hustle from the heart, meaning put your all into whatever it is your pursuing.”

Listen below 

  Download MP3: Zaytoven – Pose To Ft Yung LA, Bankroll Fresh & Twista

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