The Game – To Invest $10 Million In Kanye West

1455718599_ced582514d13569f3d66984f61Kanye West is currently in $53 million of personal debt. He even asked Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out by investing $1 billion in “Kanye West ideas.” Zuckerberg has yet to respond. But late last night, The Game responded.

“Tell him I’m not Mark Zuckerberg but I got $10,000,000 to invest in his ideas if he comes to Dubai & skydives wit us tomorrow,” The Game tweeted.

Boom! Game and Kanye, of course, go way back; Kanye produced “Dreams” on Game’s 2005 debut The Documentary.

“I’ll pay for the flight,” Game told Kanye. “It’s 12 noon in #Dubai you got an hour to accept. Call/my phone or tweet #BlackJesus.”

#BlackJesus coming through in the clutch!! He recently donated $1 million to the Flint water crisis. True to form, he couldn’t do it without calling out Madonna and Jimmy Fallon’s relatively paltry donations.

Stay tuned as this story develops.

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