(A Must Read) Tips On Getting Signed To A Label

David Onyeledo

Most musicians who want to be signed go about it in the wrong way. Contacting an A&R and telling them to sign you is the wrongest way to get their attention.
Record Label executives assess you from the moment you contact them.
When you contact a label exec, you should send in your demo. Thats the first thing you do. Messaging them to sign you never works. Infact most artistes who do that are blacklisted and sent to spam and even trash. You never get a chance with such an approach.

Another problem most up and coming artistes have is lack of communication skills. Some find it difficult to compose themselves when interacting with a label rep. Learn to be formal when you talk to these people because they decide whether you are picked.

Most upcoming artistes contact label reps without any info aboyt the label itself. Do your findings about the label you are in communication with. Who is who? What artistes do they have on their roaster? Things like that can win you a chance to be a potential target.

Lastly as an upcoming artistes, learn to invest in yourself and your music if you really wanna be signed.  Most labels wanna see hardwork ethics, already achieving stats and a fan base for what you are doing. Invest in yourself. Spend more money and time on developing your music, your looks and your charm.

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