Music Artistes: Is Song/Album artwork Important?



Once upon a time, it was pretty uncommon to preview tracks before spending your MB to download. For people who remember browsing aimlessly hoping to discover a new song, this happened often: The coolness of a cover would either lure you in or discourage you from downloading.

If an unknown music artiste presented himself with a compelling enough photo or a super-rad design or anything else that caught your eye, it was likely sufficient bait to get you to listen to their music.

These days, of course, we have the luxury of seeing hyped music. Sometimes, in fact, we don’t even listen – from the hype and the response from others we can tell if the song is worth the listen.

All that considered, why should anyone bother with album artwork?

Because your song/album cover is still a direct representation of you as an artiste, that’s why! Song/Album artwork are still used on most every internet listening medium, from iTunes to Bandcamp to Spinlet to SoundCloud to Spotify. Plus, a lot of labels and distributors use album covers as links to purchase or learn more on their websites or press blasts.

Fantastic song artwork is still an attention getter, and failing to consider it – or, even worse, not bothering to include a cover at all – is like a giving someone an unwrapped birthday present. It’s glaringly incomplete, and some might even consider it a little lazy.

Song Artwork is very important.  It is the first aspect of an artiste fans react to. If your artwork isn’t attractive and compelling enough to get people interested then you may be losing out on making new fans for your music.

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