Ghanaians do not appreciate good music – Ackah Blay



World class guitarist Ackah Blay has expressed worry about Ghanaians ingratitude towards what he describes as good music.

He was worried that the development will deter musicians in Ghana from making good music.

He told Hitz FM’s MzGee on ‘Entertainment this Week’ that being an international musician comes with great prestige than it does in Ghana.

“It’s good to be a very good musician globally but I believe it’s hard to be a very good musician in Ghana so it makes the journey some kind of way but fortunately if you really do good and you put your business first definitely you will be recognized by people not from your country but as the saying goes a
good priest is not recognized in his own country”.

Ackah Blay says young musicians have resorted to the kind of music played on the air waves lately because they need to make ends meet adding that Ghanaians have concerned themselves with “banging tunes than what depicts our culture”.

“It looks like Ghanaian don’t want to appreciate good music we just want to go with anything that comes our way, instead sticking by our own (delicacies) we would rather demean ours and choose that of others so it makes it difficult to produce good music you will not be appreciated and living life would be hard for you and that why most of the guys want to play what people applaud to so they can make a living but I believe most of the young musician would have love to do good music but if they look at the challenges they would choose to do music just anyhow”.

“The kind of music we do today does not have life span, if you listen today you won’t want to listen again,” he added.

Ackah Blay opined that the difficulty of the Ghana music industry has to do with the lack of music promoters, marketers, professional event organizers and visible distribution outlets.

“Here in Ghana we do not have good concert organizers and promoters. All we have are guys around who want to do something to earn a living but really a concert organizer or a promoter, then the promoter would definitely put his products up first before he think of himself but here in country the organizers think of themselves first before the products. We don’t have marketing outlets, we don’t have record labels.”

Source: Hitz FM

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