Tyrese Protests at iHeartRadio, Cited By Cops



Tyrese continues his mission to get Top 40 radio to pay attention to his latest hit single “Shame.”  The record was No. 1 on the Adult R&B chart for 2 weeks in a row and is currently down to No. 2 now, but looks to continue its reign on the top of the chart. In recent interviews he has been questioning why mainstream radio isn’t paying attention to what’s popular on other charts and testing them on theirs.

After numerous attempts to get the attention of the two biggest radio hosts, Elvis Duran and Ryan Seacrest, Tyrese decide to take his battle to the source and set up a friendly protest in front of the iHeartRadio building in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Well, as expected he drew a crowd and it got the attention of the police. According to TMZ, cops came because the protest was clogging traffic. After being warned, Tyrese got a ticket for blocking traffic.

But, was his point made clear enough? Did he cause anyone at the controls to pay attention? We salute Tyrese in his continuous efforts to get mainstream radio to pay attention to not only popular R&B records, but to any single that has been proven successful at its original genre. Stand up for the music!

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