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Cash  Mulah  and  Black  Matter  Media  announce  the  release  of  “ALL  IN”  music  video,   a  video  with  everyday  life  footage  and  archives  that  gives  an  insight  into  CASH’s   dynamic  lifestyle  and  his  need  to  sometimes  quiet  it  down.
Cash  Mulah  is  an  Angolan/French  recording  artiste.  His  well  acclaimed  mixtape   “AMBITION”  was  released  in  2013,  Khalifa  being  one  of  the  main  singles  along   with  tracks  like  “Criminel”  and  “Ambition  Airlines”  where  he  features  both  his   brothers  Black  H  and  Sam  Sadjin,  two  prolific  french  rappers  from  Orleans (FRANCE).  Ambition  is  a  project  he  carried  to  completion  himself  and  that  was  well   recieved  by  his  ever  growing  fanbase.  With  his  second  record,  Cash  intends  to  go   ALL  IN  and  deeper  in  the  expression  of  his  artform  and  his  connection  with  his   public.

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