Veteran Nollywood Actor Zack Orji Gets Both Arms Completely Inked (PHOTOS)



Veteran actor, Zack Orji, was recently pictured on a movie set spotting gangster-looking tattoos.

The iconic Nollywood actor was spotted rocking gold chains, pierced ears and fake tattoos, reading his scripts and trying to get into character.

It appears the actor who is known for playing more reserved and matured roles will be interpreting the role of an
American returnee or a gangster.

Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see it.
In an interview with Zack Orji’s first son, Motunrayo Joel September 2014, he revealed to Punch that his dad his not a fan of tattoos and he dislikes them.


He said:

“He doesn’t like it and I wouldn’t want to get a tattoo, I like them though. However, I wouldn’t want to damage my skin.”

Guess you all can’t wait to see the kind of role Zack Orji played to have inked this tattoos.


Source Akpraise

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