Many people thought Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna and his Colombian fiancee were crazy when the duo hooked up off a couple of romantic exchanges over the Instagram.With barely anything to hold on to, the Colombian Sonia Lareinaa left her family and country to come to Nigeria to settle with her hunk here. With open hands IK welcomed her. It is stuff made of crazy love.

“She’s an awesome person and we met off social media; I left a breakup and at that point in time I was really not thinking of getting into any relationship. A friend of mine pointed her instagram page to me and I wasn’t really interested in surfing the internet at that point in time, but then again, I had a second look at her page and I was liking her pictures and unconsciously she was liking my pictures and from there, we started talking and it was almost as if it was just meant to be.

It was just two people with like minds coming together with a lot of positive chemistry being built up and then before you know anything, it was like boom, it happened” IK recalled in a recent interview with Vanguard. No doubt the lovebirds share something in common and if what the Colombian shared on her Instagram page, a couple of days ago is anything to go by, it seems they share more than love. As she put it, “

IK Ogbonna and I share exactly the same mental disorder,we simply must stick to each other forever, no one else could possibly understand”,  she declared after what must have been a groovy night-out at the popular Quilox nightclub in Victoria Island last Sunday. They were in the company of a friend Ify Jones. Sonia was having such a good time and had all but praises for city of Lagos with various hashtags like, “#AintNoCityLikeLagosCity#LagosByNight”. IK must have been tripping her so good she’s forgotten Bogota so fast! Right now, she’s seven months pregnant for IK.

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