Singer, Kenny Saint Brown set to venture into Politics in 2015

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Kenny Saint Best has revealed plans to contest for a sit at the Lagos State House of Assembly in next year’s general election. The singer who says she is an APC card carrying member spoke to Thisday newspapers on why she is venturing into politics

“I reside in Onigbongbo local government area of Lagos State and for over six years, I’ve been part of the local government in the area of development. Basically in the area of education, development of the public school and upgrading of public schools in Onigbongbo local government. At the state level, I am the main act at the state children’s Christmas party and I was very active during the 2007 elections that brought in Governor Fashola. I’ve always been quite active in the background in politics, but it was last year that I decided that I can do something about changing the face of youth development in Ikeja and Lagos as a whole. Apart from being a youth coach, youth pastor that requires me to see to the development of the youth, I have a yearning and pull towards the street and seeing that every girl that comes out to hustle on the street at night should have a privilege to become a better citizen, and be given the privilege of better productivity in the areas of what they can do to improve their lives apart from prostitution.

On why she believes politics is the way out for her to influence change, she said;
“Each time I look at it that I’m going into politics, I feel somehow, because of the kind of image politics has in Nigeria, it gives me shivers, I see it more as public service and if I look at it more in the area of seeing to getting people developed, human appreciation, and what I see in my local government, especially the Opebi axis where I reside baffles me. The rise of prostitution has gone up by almost 1000%, it never used to be this bad. Back then, you can count the number of girls you see on one hand, but now especially at that Peka’s junction it seems like a trailer comes to offload them for the night from 7pm. It looks like the street is pulling them more and more all because of money, and what they do depreciates humanity. I think there can be a change, something can be introduced to these girls and let them know that there’s a gift on the inside of them that can improve their personality and make money with their body by working hard without having to dehumanise themselves. So really it’s the area of human productivity that’s really pulling me into public service, and that’s why I need to get on a platform to get the job done and if that platform is called politics, then, maybe, you can call me a politician (laughs).
The singer says contrary to popular opinion, she isn’t going into politics to make money.
“Am I broke? Am I poor? I’ve been blessed, because what most people are still praying for and still have on their list of prayer requests I’ve been given. So if it is money that’s driving me, it would kill me because I would see so much money and die. If it’s just money, then I’m not going to be fulfilled” she said

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