Nigerian women now sell their wombs, breast, private parts for money – Catholic Bishop


While delivering his paper ON June 5 at the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria in Abuja, President of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria and Archbishop of Jos, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama said that the global Bio-tech market where people sell their body parts; vagina, womb, ovaries in exchange for money, has penetrated into Nigeria and that some Nigerian women are now targets of those behind this business.
According to him, this market is being handled by businessmen in partnership with some members of the National Assembly.

“Some scientists and dubious businessmen use members of the National Assembly to gain legal access to the wombs and ovaries of women and young girls. It is becoming increasingly clear to us that even in Nigeria, our women have become the targets of all manners of intrigues, especially as their fertility is concerned. Personal private parts of women, ranging from wombs, ovaries and human eggs risk being put up as commodities for sale at the global biotechnology market-places.” he said

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