Killer child-bride begs court in Kano: ‘Set me free!’

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14 year old killer child-bride Wasila Umar who is currently facing murder charges at a Juvenile Court in Kano state for killing her 35 year old husband and 3 others, has cried out to the court to release her and let her go home as she misses the love and attention she gets from her family members. While speaking with a Vanguard reporter before her hearing at the Kano state Juvenile court recently, Wasila said she been to three detention camps since she killed her husband and has not seen her mum.

“I miss my mum who has not been allowed to visit me in a strange land. What, however, keeps me going is the fact that my family are with me at this critical point in my life, and I am highly comforted by their prayers. My dad and aunt visited me a few days ago and conveyed my mother’s message but the vacuum created by  her absence can not be filled by anyone. I have been receiving help from the people I did not know from Adam, I mean women who have shown concern, and cater for my needs at the remand home where I have been detained by the authorities. I know for sure this trial will come to an end one day and I would reconcile with my family” she said

Meanwhile the family of Umar, Wasila’s late husband insist that justice must be served as what she did was wicked. Sani Garba (pictured above right) who is late Umar’s father says he has not forgiven the young girl as he’s still nursing the wound her actions caused him

“I am talking to you with a heavy heart, because I am still nursing a fatal injury handed over to me by my daughter-in-law. Do you know that I lost three children to her action and you are asking whether I have forgiven her? The act was too painful to be forgiven  and I don’t think I can forgive her. We understand the authorities have taken over the case, but whether they choose to stand by the truth remains their headache for I have since gone to my God who is sufficient for me” he said

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Speaking with Wasila’s father, Tasiu Muhammad (pictured above), he said it was a trying time for his daughter but he cannot abandon her now…

“What happened left a sour taste in our mouths but we don’t have to abandon the little girl. That is why I identify with her at this moment of trial. In such situation, we only look onto Allah for divine intervention. What has happened came with a fatal consequence on my family, and I have visited my in-laws in the company of my kinsmen to seek for their forgiveness on behalf of my daughter” her father said

Meanwhile the  Federation of Women Lawyers in Nigeria have since taken up her case and is working to see she gets the best legal representation. Prior to when they came in, Wasila was to be tried at a Magistrate court but with their intervention, the case was moved to a Juvenile court where it is being heard.

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