Wow! Check out footballer Dani Alves’ incredible response to racism


Barcelona star Dani Alves responded to a racist taunt in the most incredible way during a match yesterday Sunday April 27th

While playing for his team against Villareal, a spectator threw a banana at him as he tried to take a corner kick. What do you think Dani did? He casually picked up the banana, peeled it, eat the banana, threw away the peel, and then completed the kick…

This move has left many people in shock and Dani is getting a lot of praise for how he handled it.

This is not the first time the Brazilian footballer will face racism on the pitch. He complained about it last year after being taunted by monkey chants from sections of the crowd during a match at Real Madrid.
Racism in football is becoming an issue in Europe and enough is not being done to stop it. Dani is a star! Hopefully, he made the person who threw the banana feel like stupid!

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