Lady Gaga, Madonna Or Miley Cyrus – Who’s The Worst Attention-Seeker?


Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are probably amongst the most search pop stars online because they have various unique ways of seeking the world’s attention to their every move. They get innovative every time but also care less about what people truly think of them.

55 year old Madonna recently joined Instagram and has been posting the most ridiculous selfies ever since. From pics showing her leaking her shower stand to her exposing her unshaved armpit all in the name of – I really don’t give a damn.


Miley Cyrus grabbing a pygmy’s boobs on stage(Wire Images)

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Lady Gaga is the madam when it comes to drawing attention to her personality. Her outfits have been regularly outrageous and her recent performances haven’t been better. Few weeks ago she was drinking a dancer’s vomit on stage and her provocative performance with R. Kelly early February isn’t something different.

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